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Table 61 was the quintessential meeting place for crazy ideas, schemes, stories, and dreams. The craziness lives on with random postings about life, politics, technology, and apple pies.

The Table61 “Blogs” have become the main feature.

“Gabe’s Girls”, originally a single post and mostly true account of a crazy party I hosted, started as a one-off posting on Myspace. I decided to turn it into a series based on popular feedback and requests for more. As Myspace died in popularity, the posts migrated over to Table61. The name Gabe was chosen from my cousin, the coolest guy I knew at the time, though none of the stories are related to him at all.

“Jessie’s Boys” diverges from real events and is an almost completely made-up series of my own daydreams, mixed in with some true conversations. The ending chapter though is based on a real event. Jessie is actually the namesake of the Rick Springfield song, which played on the radio while I was debating the new character name. From the first chapter, I was setting up her sister as the future main character.

“Lindsey’s City” is a mostly true account of my time in Austin, TX, and for the first time, actual locations, events, and traffic play integrally into the story line. Lindsey’s name was chosen basically randomly, changing three times during the writing of the first chapter. Up to this point, most characters have been an amalgamation of several real-life people. Will, however, stands on his own as being based 100% on a single real-life person.

Almost every entry has been written while drunk, though a few have then been edited sober ;)

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